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Should you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail or call at (+86)755 23902085 / 23997241 Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (GMT+8) and Customer service will be happy to assist you.

Q: I can choose their favorite color, or to make leather goods it?

A: A: We are currently available in dozens of leather and calfskin, lambskin for you to choose, you can flip leather book distribution points in the province, to understand the real leather touch and color. If you want to prepare their own leather production for us, you are welcome to bring leather to Direct store (Taichung stores) to communicate with us, we will review your leather and quotation-related production.

Q: In addition to phone holster, I can order other commodities do?

A: Currently we have provided digital cameras leather, leather notebook, office merchandise. As long as you have a product you want to do, they can communicate with us. * We recommend that you, if you want to make a commodity, it is recommended to provide your thoughts similar to the reference image, or hand-painted draft, so when the two sides in the communication process will be made more smoothly.

Q: leather will fade or fade it?

A: A: In the series aniline leather which, since the rear surface of the leather dyed again without any additional finishing process, so after the initial use of produced water is if you miss hit at a high moisture environment, will take place a little "color shift "phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon.

Q: Your leather products are used leather it?

A: All merchandise ICARER brands, are using leather (range includes leather, suede and calfskin) production. ICARER brand belonging to the launch of the green cortex spot commodities, the non-leather production, environmental protection is the use of high-texture leather production, the introduction of spot commodity-specific models, since the cortex is not conducive to repeat sewing, so the series products shall not provide a warranty Maintenance service.

Q: Why do some leather lines of different thickness?

A: leather we provide them, some of the lines are pressed through the machine processing, while others are naturally occurring lines; especially aniline leather series, which are based on advanced natural bovine leather sheepskin, plus free surface any finish with embossed, leather texture and therefore will vary from state to parts vary, but also uneven points folds, which are owned by natural leather characteristics.

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